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Who we are:

This job board is specialized for IT professionals and Open Source Experts. The difference to other job boards is that the board is deeply integrated into on of the biggest open source communities. Our websites are online sources of applications, themes, wallpapers, documents and support for IT experts and Linux Desktop users. Other popular tech sites like Slashdot regularly link into our network. Our first website launched in 2001. At the moment we have over 30 websites with particular growth.

Our visitors are:

  • IT Professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Web developers
  • Project managers
  • Usability experts
  • Artists
  • Network and System Administrators

How do I post a job?

Posting your job is easy. You'll start by providing basic job information, such as the job title, job description and location. Looking for certain qualifications in a candidate? You can indicate desired requirements such as years of relevant work experiences and minimum education level. You can provide this filtering information and you'll know instantly if candidates don't meet your requirements, making it easy to sort, rank and organize resumes online.

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Where are the job offers visible??

Your job offer is visible on all websites of the network. We have over 80 million page views and several million visits per month at the moment.

Main Websites
OpenSkillz.comOur main recuiting portal
openDesktop.orgOur main portal for all free software related content

KDE-Apps.orgApplications for your KDE Desktop
GTK-Apps.orgGTK Applications
CLI-Apps.orgCommand Line Applications
Qt-Apps.orgFree Qt Applications
Qt-Prop.orgProprietary Qt Applications
Maemo-Apps.orgApplications for the Maemo Platform
Java-Apps.orgJava Applications
eyeOS-Apps.orgeyeOS Applications
Android-Community.orgApplications and other stuff for the Android Mobile Platform
Wine-Apps.orgApplications using Wine
Server-Apps.orgServer Applications

KDE-Look.orgArtwork for the KDE Desktop
GNOME-Look.orgArtwork for the GNOME Desktop
Xfce-Look.orgArtwork for the Xfce Desktop
Box-Look.orgArtwork for Fluxbox, Backbox, Openbox, PekWM, Afterstep, IceQM, Sawfisch or other window managers.
Beryl-Themes.orgArtwork for the Beryl 3D Windowmanager
Compiz-Themes.orgArtwork for the Compiz Windowmanager
EDE-Look.orgArtwork for the EDE Desktop

Linux Distributions
Debian-Art.orgArtwork for Debian Linux
Gentoo-Art.orgArtwork for Gentoo Linux
SUSE-Art.orgArtwork for openSUSE Linux
Ubuntu-Art.orgArtwork for Ubuntu
Kubuntu-Art.orgArtwork for Kubuntu
LinuxMint-Art.orgArtwork for LinuxMint

KDE-Files.orgDocument Templates for KDE Applications
OpenTemplate.orgDocument Templates for
GIMPStuff.orgTemplates for GIMP
InkscapeStuff.orgInkscape Templates
ScribusStuff.orgTemplates for the Scribus DTP Application
BlenderStuff.orgTemplates, Objects and Images for Blender

Can I become a partner of this job board?

Yes. We are looking for partner websites and sales partners. You can integrate this job board into your website and you can participate in our income via the premium job offers. We share a big part of the revenue with our partners. Please contact us for details. You can also sell premium job offers to customers. We'll pay you up to 40% for every sold premium job offer. Please contact us for details.


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