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Mirko Rakovic (rakovicm)
University of Novi Sad
Location:Serbia, Novi Sad
Birthday:Apr 15 1982
Type:part time employee, freelancer
Education:In September 2005, earned degree: Master of Science in Electronics and Computer Engineering, at Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

Currently I am pursuing PhD in Mechatronics at Faculty of Technical Sciences.
Experience:Relevant experience:

Following is the list of most relevant finished and/or ongoing projects.

1. Development of prototype device (hardware and software) for remote measuring for water and gas consumption. (C for micro controllers)
2. Development of server application (for gathering data and controlling remote measuring devices) integrated with existing information system of gas distribution company. (C#, Oracle)
3. Development of application for control of humanoid robot with 3D graphic simulation of real robot. (C#, Ogre, MySQL)
4. Was working at the Nanyang Technological University Singapore, on delivering the application for control of high-end humanoid robot Loch2. (Qt C++, Armadillo, Kvaser CAN Bus library)

Academic experience:

From 2005 to-date working full-time at the University of Novi Sad as teaching assistant in the following subjects:
-Programming - basic course (c++ programming language)
-Industrial robotics (ABB, RAPID programming language)
-Artificial intelligence (c# and c++ programming language)
-Programming PLC (STL programming language)

Scientific experience:

- Participated in several national and international research projects.
- As author/coauthor published more then twenty papers in international journals and at international conferences.
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